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     We are FGA, a digital brand-building consulting group. We deliver intelligent marketing for growing brands.

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We create fresh ideas for brands that are optimized to outperform on the right channels, at the right time, and inspire audiences to take action.

Our core focus is always on the audience and inspiration comes from the brand, the consumer and the media.

The outcome of our collaboration is a clear roadmap and actionable plan that weaves together digital strategies that are on-brand and tailor-made to drive results by platform.

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data-driven insights

Data is everywhere and platforms are changing overnight. But most of us struggle to make sense of it. Yet it's the key way to understanding current consumer behaviors: how they are coming to the site and how engaged they are while on the site, with emails, and on branded social channels. By unlocking data-driven insights, it allows us to deeply understand the complex consumer journey and clarifies where your brand should be present to add the most value. 



The consumer journey spans multiple touchpoints -- both physical and digital -- and the challenge is delivering a message that is platform-specific, consistent, and an on-brand user experience across channels. We create straightforward strategies built to scale content marketing in order to meet consumers on the right channel, at the right time, with the right message. 



When it comes to maximizing ROI, having a clearly defined testing and analytics campaign in place from the start can be the difference between realizing success or failure. That's why we begin each project by defining highly selected metrics and KPIs, connecting all of the data points to your business objectives. This enables us to create solid strategies, test smarter, optimize faster, and quickly apply our leanings. We think that's just smart business.



In the end, results come from savvy execution. We create engaging content employing the entire flexible digital landscape: text, photos, audio and video.


Client Experience

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